The rise and the set of the SUN

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Nature is something that has always been successful in binding us(all of us) to the roots of life. Not a single person can deny to this.

And one such great experience has been this – watching the sun rise from the horizons. The whole process, trust me, is magical.

First, the orange tint of the sky as if announcing the entry of the “Prince of Galaxy”.

Second, the tiny faded orange ball emerging with weak slant rays, turning darker and fiercer each moment and within minutes it’s afront with all of it’s glory spreading around.

It takes me to the other world, and it’s something I never get bored to watch.

It’s a treat to the eyes and a soothing salve for soul.

Talking about the next two snaps, I clicked them yesterday while walking down a bridge and the portrait, I believe was mesmerizing. It made me to stop for a while, admire and capture the beauty of the sky who just bade farewell to it’s companion for the day time – ‘The Sun’.

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